Telemedicine: the future of health care

The internet and social media have transformed the way we communicate, make a living, and even interact with one another. Medicine has long valued the one-on-one physician-patient relationship developed over centuries. And for a number of years, medical practice has been slow to embrace the internet's full capabilities.

Fortunately, forward-thinking lawmakers from several states have recently championed the importance and inevitability of the internet's usefulness in medical practices. For instance, within the last several months, both Michigan and Texas joined other states in recognizing that a new doctor-patient relationship can be established very appropriately through a careful online video encounter.

Additionally, in the past, physician prescribing has has not been allowed based on an online visit, especially if the doctor had not seen the patient in person first. Once again, however, several states, including Michigan and Texas, have removed that restriction and even allow prescriptions to be written for controlled substances, with certain requirements and restrictions.

The landscape of medical practice has clearly changed and now fully supports the thoughtful and careful use of telemedicine for healthcare encounters. Never before has seeing a licensed, board-certified physician been so convenient and rewarding for patients--a secure, private visit can occur within a patient's home, office, or while on vacation, and with almost any device, including a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

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