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Weight Loss by Online Telemedicine Visits with a Board-Certified Weight Loss Physician

Weight loss is often a difficult journey filled with many questions, too many possible treatment options, and not enough clear answers. Many physicians are either uncomfortable addressing weight loss or simply don't have the expertise to safely and effectively prescribe weight loss treatment.

Also, in today's world it's becoming more and more difficult to take time out of a busy day to schedule a physician visit, sit in the waiting room through the inevitable delays, and then afterwards drive back to home or work through traffic. Why go through all this just to spend 3 to 5 minutes actually seeing the doctor?

At Online Weight Loss MD, we know how precious your time is and we have the solution to starting  your weight loss journey now -- from the comfort and convenience of a location of your choosing -- on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Our board-certified weight loss physician will meet with you through a secure, private telemedicine link and develop a specific weight loss plan for you, including prescription medications if appropriate. Such a convenience has just been made possible through new laws in the several states that now allow establishing and treating patients through telemedicine visits instead of requiring visits at a clinic office. Take advantage today of how convenient medical weight loss can be -- from anywhere on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Give us a toll-free call today at (888) 550-5154 to start your weight loss journey!



New online weight loss visit

First time patients receive a careful, comprehensive evaluation of dietary and exercise habits, existing medical issues, weight reduction needs, and treatment options which may include prescription medications and dietary counseling from our board-certified physician.

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Online followup visits

During online followup visits, patients under the care of our weight-loss physician will undergo re-evaluation of their weight loss goals and progress, a review and update of their dietary regimen, and prescription renewal or changes as needed.

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Online weight loss second opinion

As part of our commitment to improving obesity treatment, we also perform online second-opinion evaluations for a variety of weight loss programs, including possible bariatric surgery. Determining if your weight loss program is a good fit for you and identifying possible problems and solutions to weight loss difficulties should only be trusted to a board-certified weight loss physician.

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Are you ready to start the journey towards a new, better you? Don't wait another day, there's no reason to delay making a telemedicine appointment with our board-certified weight loss physician. Click the button to make a new appointment with Dr. Free today! For more details about making an appointment, please look at the Appointments page.